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With 2020’s mission to Mars, the designer, Liza Carrillo, gets a personal approach to the theme of “the universe”, which becomes more of a personal introspection. Inspired by this mission, Liza executes her creative process that comes from a form of inspiration and then moves to the creation of a concept that will serve to develop an entire collection.

Supernova 2020 is a slow fashion brand. In an effort to reduce waste, all of the items of the collection are made to order. It is a handmade process in Mexico with textiles that are made in Guatemala with natural fibers, interpreting the universe in all the designs.

“The SUPERNOVA phenomenon, is the process of a star undergoes at the end of its life, and that after many physical and chemical processes, causes a massive explosion, throwing fragments of itself into space. The most fascinating thing about this is that the core of it, stays. That fragment gives rise to a new star.

This resonated with me, as I translated it into the experience I had when I became a mother, in which I let that old part of me die, in order to make room for that new star, which I call Santiago. This shows me that life is eternal, it never dies, it only transforms itself.”



Francesca Cosmos


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